eEvent helps event organizers spread the word

eEvent, a startup that demonstrated at the Launch conference today in San Francisco, is looking to take on services like Eventbrite by offering organizers a new way to promote their events.

Graphight reminds salespeople to stay in touch

A company called Graphight just announced a new service that it describes as “eHarmony meets for professional networking,” which it says will make salespeople more effective.

MingleBird wants to make event networking less awkward

If you’ve ever attended a tech event in the hopes of networking but ended up spending most of your time in the corner, startup MingleBird is launching an iPhone application to make the process a little easier.

FTW syncs your saved games across devices

If you’ve ever played a game like Angry Birds on the iPhone and the iPad, you’ve probably been frustrated by the fact that you have to start over each time — your saved games don’t transfer. A new startup called FTW (which stands for “For the Win”, a popular phrase among Intenet users for expressing enthusiasm) wants to change that.

Room 77 helps you avoid bad hotel rooms

There’s no shortage of ways to book hotel rooms online, but most services have only the most basic information about one of the most important factors — the quality of the room itself.

Daqri wants to be the augmented reality’s YouTube

Daqri, which lets any user create bar codes called QR codes that display images, movies and other pieces of content as soon as they are viewed through an iPhone camera, announced today it is launching a private beta test.

Docstoc takes Apple’s subscription plan in stride

Whether it falls under Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ definition of a publishing company or not, online document host Docstoc isn’t taking any chances. The company will use Apple’s newest subscription policy for the premium iPad service it launched today.

Five and Fifty brings the Groupon approach to instant deals

A new startup called Five and Fifty wants to tackle one of the main complaints about group-buying supersite Groupon, which has a huge waiting list for businesses. It says it will allow merchants to send deals instantly to a much more targeted audience.

Overstat: The easiest way to test your website?

Testing, testing, testing — it’s one of the mantras among startups, but it can be tough to find the resources to make that happen when you’re a startup with relatively little capital and a tiny tech team. So a new company called Overstat is hoping to win itself a customer base by simplifying the testing process.

Spin out an iPhone app prototype ASAP with Cabana

Cabana, an online service that lets developers quickly create a mobile application for the iPhone or other mobile devices, announced today that it is coming out of beta at the Launch conference in San Francisco.