Samsung: Galaxy Nexus ban based on ‘insufficient evidence’

South Korea’s Samsung Sunday appealed Friday’s preliminary injunction against sales of the Android-based Galaxy Nexus. In papers filed with the United States District Court for the Northern District of California, Samsung lawyers argue that the judge had “legally insufficient evidence” that Apple would be irreparably harmed.


FriendThem sues Facebook (in the court of public opinion)

Local social networking app FriendThem, a service that uses your Facebook account to find nearby friends or potential friends, is planning to sue Facebook. Or so the company tells VentureBeat, alleging that Facebook’s newly released and almost-instantly-pulled Find Friends Nearby feature is its idea.


Facebook paid $10M to settle “oops, we used your face” ads

Reuters is reporting that Facebook has agreed to pay $10 million to settle a lawsuit brought by people whose faces and images were used in Sponsored Stories ads. The settlement, however, will not be going to the five Facebook users who brought the lawsuits — it will instead be donated to charity.

Fitness gadget maker Basis to BodyMedia: Your lawsuit claims are invalid

It’s fitness gadget maker against fitness gadget maker. In February 2012, BodyMedia, maker of the FIT armbands that promote weight loss and health, filed a patent infringement civil action against competing fitness gadget maker Basis. On Monday of this week, three months after the suit was filed in court, BodyMedia served the lawsuit to Basis. Thursday, Basis countered back, telling BodyMedia that its lawsuit claims are invalid.