Analyst: Huge $2.5B break-up fee on Google-Motorola deal shows ‘seller’s concern’

After researching the data, patent expert and analyst Florian Mueller of FOSS Patents said the break-up fee is likely the “highest-ever break-up fee agreed upon in this industry” and it shows Motorola’s “concern” the deal won’t go through. Bloomberg’s initial report indicates Google’s fee amounts to 20 percent of the total transaction, compared with the 4.2 percent median since last year with similar deals.

After The Social Network, Facebook's IPO is the real show we're waiting for

Last night, I watched The Social Network, the much-anticipated movie about the founding of Facebook from Hollywood storytellers Aaron Sorkin and David Fincher. And as the credits rolled, I found myself thinking that it could have been much, much worse for Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s youthful CEO, who finds his life being chronicled when much of it has yet to unfold.