A remedy to clueless tech lawyers

When I was a youngish “tech lawyer” in D.C., I discovered that every D.C. lawyer advocating for tech entrepreneurs thought they were full-blown tech lawyers. We were not. We were policy advocates. I learned this the hard way.

Judge says Samsung’s lawyers illegally shared private Apple-Nokia licensing agreements with Samsung execs

Samsung’s been a bad, bad boy. And I’m not just talking about creative ways to make its Samsung Galaxy S4 look faster than it is. In a court filing made public this morning, U.S. Magistrate Judge Paul S. Grewal says that Samsung’s lawyers inappropriately shared Apple-Nokia licensing agreements with Samsung executives.

Three ways startups can cut legal fees in half

A reader asks: We launched our company about six months ago, and we’ve been using a big Silicon Valley law firm to handle the legal work. The problem is, we’re getting killed with the fees. We just closed a $250,000 convertible-note financing, and the bill was almost $13,000. When I reviewed the invoice, I saw the partner was billing us at $740 an hour, a senior associate at $595 an hour and a junior associate at $350 an hour. We like them and think they’re doing a good job, but we just can’t pay this much for legal work. Could you please give us some advice on what to do?