Tech lawyer cartoon

A remedy to clueless tech lawyers

When I was a youngish “tech lawyer” in D.C., I discovered that every D.C. lawyer advocating for tech entrepreneurs thought they were full-blown tech lawyers. We were not. We were policy advocates. I learned this the hard way.

A Silicon Valley law firm loosens its tie, opens collaborative space in SOMA

Law offices bring to mind power suits, closed-door corner offices, serious conversations, and clients getting billed for every minute of advice. Collaborative work spaces with lounges, foosball tables, communal desks, and fun networking events are the bailiwick of hoodie-filled startups. But what if a law firm started acting like a startup?

Three ways startups can cut legal fees in half

A reader asks: We launched our company about six months ago, and we’ve been using a big Silicon Valley law firm to handle the legal work. The problem is, we’re getting killed with the fees. We just closed a $250,000 convertible-note financing, and the bill was almost $13,000. When I reviewed the invoice, I saw the partner was billing us at $740 an hour, a senior associate at $595 an hour and a junior associate at $350 an hour. We like them and think they’re doing a good job, but we just can’t pay this much for legal work. Could you please give us some advice on what to do?

Free legal documents for entrepreneurs

Navigating the legal waters as you launch a business can be a perilous journey. Good attorneys are expensive and the temptation to cut corners and jump into product development is often a strong one.

Lawyers, watch out — Avvo is rating you

Avvo is a new company that lets people find good attorneys, letting them seeing how others have rated the lawyers, and whether they have been disciplined. It lets users rate attorneys too.

Valley in merger fever: Google looks at SimplyHired?

Over coffee today, Silicon Valley lawyer Warren Lazarow was telling VentureBeat that merger and acquisition activity is “out of control….there’s more action right now than during the boom.”