Jedi, fedoras, and carpal tunnel: A history of LucasArts

What if LucasArts never existed? What if the irascible filmmaker, beloved (and despised) the world over for his invaluable contributions to the pop-culture lexicon, had stuck to making space operas and juvenile fantasies about archeologists in fedora hats? What if George Lucas never entered the arena of gaming 30 years ago?

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Replay Games shoots for nostalgia with Leisure Suit Larry revival

Leisure Suit Larry was a tacky video game series that debuted in 1987, chronicling the failed attempts of Larry Laffer, the world’s least successful lover, to get women into bed. But it did sell more than 10 million units, with regular sequels debuting as recently as 2009. It showed that sex, or the lack of it in Larry’s case, sells. Now Larry is about to get some Viagra.