Brace yourselves for the SPAC attack

Life-science IPOs may be hitting the wall — so far this year, seven biotech and medical-device startups have yanked their offerings — but one part of the IPO market is booming. That’s the field of “special-purpose acquisition corporations,” or SPACs, which are essentially blank-check companies that raise money through initial offerings specifically for the purpose of acquiring other companies.

Life-science IPOs hit the skids

Last year was a tough one for IPOs, as Matt noted earlier, and so far this year looks even worse. Aptamer-drug maker Archemix today became the third life-science startup this month to withdraw or postpone an IPO, and the sixth so far this year. We take a closer look at the worsening IPO climate and the contrast with still-bullish venture funding in the sector, over at VentureBeat Life Sciences.