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Home automation heats up

While Google and Apple will help drive mainstream adoption of home automation, there are a number of options available today, that will make connecting to the Internet of Things a simple and efficient experience, allowing you to automate key events in and around the home.

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Funding Daily: the self-gratified edition

We love it when our conferences yield more than just self-serving back-patting. And they do: We hear again and again from attendees about how our events provide valuable, timely information and top-notch networking.


The connected car of tomorrow is being built in Germany today

German auto manufacturers are leading the way in connected cars, with current models able to connect to social media and entertainment apps, serve as wi-fi hotspots, and tell you about your destination’s highlights and weather before you arrive


7 must-have apps to help you get the most out of SXSW

So you already have the SXSW Go and Twitter apps on your phone — these are absolutely necessary for navigating the week’s maze of panels and parties. But if you really want to elevate your game, here are seven more apps that will not only help you get the most out of the event — but also dazzle the people you meet who may not have heard of them before.


Want to go big in social? Don’t be Facebook, Jr.

Social networks get a lot of attention in Silicon Valley, and for good reason: Over the last decade, almost every consumer exit over $10 billion has had a strong network at its core.

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How to configure your iPad to make it kid-friendly

Put an iPad and a child in the same household, and you may have trouble separating the two. If you’re not careful, Junior could download inappropriate apps or ring up charges on your iTunes account.

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5 popular apps for families on the go

Between the kids’ soccer games, their school work, keeping up with the grocery shopping, and more, managing a family and figuring out who is supposed to be where is a full-time job. Thankfully, a group of apps promises to make your hectic family life easier.

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Solving life’s real problems is the future of social networks

Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter: These are the apps that likely come to mind when you think of social networking. But with the rise of mobile and location sharing, the face of social networks is changing.

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Safety may be driving the increased use of location-based apps

Whether going to the movies, heading off to school, or enjoying dinner out, 87 percent of teens and 73 percent of adults say they feel better knowing a family member is aware of their location through an app.