Samsung Galaxy Nexus ban suspended temporarily

The twisty turns of Apple and Samsung’s current legal battle are enough to give you whiplash. After U.S. District Court Judge Lucy Koh denied Samsung’s appeal to lift the sales ban on the Galaxy Nexus earlier this week, the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit suspended the sales ban tonight, The Verge reports.

Patent trolls start suing American cities

The crisis that is the American software patent system has reached a tipping point. It’s no longer just established companies who are being hit with frivolous lawsuits, it’s startups as well. And in a new twist, American cities that are already strapped for cash are getting the shakedown from patent trolls.

Dish Network, EchoStar settle Tivo DVR lawsuit for $500M

After five years of legal back and forth, Dish Network and its former parent company EchoStar have settled their ongoing litigation with digital video recording (DVR) company Tivo that centered on Dish’s DVR implementation, for $500 million.