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Web conversion vs app conversion: 3 big differences you should know

Mobile app usage has led to an overhaul in the traditional metrics marketers measure — which has also led to distinct differences in how marketers approach and measure conversions.


4 app monetization strategies for free apps

In many ways, monetization models for free apps are superior to paid apps, allowing more room for creativity and the possibility of improving the app experience (and making it easier for users to make purchases).

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Customer loyalty is key to gaining a share of the in-app purchase riches

In-app purchases are predicted to dominate the mobile-app market in the next few years. Revenue from in-app purchases, worth $970M in 2011, is expected to rise to over $5 billion by 2015, and a study by Localytics highlights the importance of generating customer loyalty, in order for developers to gain a share in these riches.