Why GPS-based smart apps failed to go viral at SXSW

The South by Southwest (SXSW) conferences have given geeks a lot of social inroads over the last few years. They brought us blogging, then microblogging; they were a launchpad for Twitter and Foursquare. Thanks to those web services, meeting at SXSW IRL (In Real Life) turned the geeks hiding behind glowing screens into “friends”.

Bones in Motion trys to catch up to Garmin with cell phone GPS tracking for athletes

Location-based app maker Bones in Motion is looking to take a bite out of Garmin and other GPS manufacturers, offering up a service that lets runners and bikers user their GPS-enabled cell phones to track distance, speed, and how their training is progressing. Based out of Austin, Texas, the five-person outfit currently has deals signed with Sprint and Verizon, and is in talks to bring the service to other major carriers.