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Foursquare finally makes its website as cool as its mobile apps

Location service Foursquare is showing off its new coat of paint. The company today unveiled a website redesign with a whole new experience for people sitting at their desks. What started as a check-in game all of a sudden seems a lot more like a formidable business in the making.

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How Foursquare is moving beyond the check-in

“We want to build tools that change the way all the people in this room experience the real world,” said Foursquare founder Dennis Crowley at the Web 2.0 Summit today, as he described his company’s retreat from the game mechanics that first made the check-in service a success.

PhoneTag app promises to keep social media meet-ups private

Smartphone app startup Ripple Mobile today debuted its PhoneTag application, which uses GPS-based technology to help mobile device users share a user’s real-time location and coordinate connections privately with their friends and contacts.

Facebook lets users check-in to events

Facebook may be looking to add its check-in feature to more than just Places today as some events appear to now have a check-in button, according to

Have the location-based patent wars begun?

Popular location-based check-in application Foursqaure was slapped with a lawsuit today for supposedly infringing on a patent from little known company Mobile Commerce Framework, as first reported by TechCrunch.

VC True Ventures co-founder: There is no bubble, period

There is no bubble forming around Silicon Valley or tech startups because white-hot companies like Twitter and Facebook are able to show they have fundamental value and are capable of making money, Phil Black, co-founder at early stage venture capital outfit True Ventures told me today.

The Go Game launches do-it-yourself iPhone scavenger hunts

The Go Game, creators of location-based scavenger hunts for companies, today announced the launch of a do-it-yourself iPhone application for creating and participating in local scavenger hunts, according to a company announcement.

Broadcastr unleashes the power of location-based stories on the iPhone

Now anyone can star in their own “This American Life”-esque story and share it with the world using just their iPhone: Broadcastr, a startup dedicated to tying personal audio stories to specific locations, launched its free iPhone app today.

Find out where to meet friends with Echoecho

Everyone has been in that situation — stuck in a back-and-forth texting war with a friend deciding where to meet for coffee or lunch. It can be a bit of a hassle.

Scvngr finds 1 million users willing to complete location challenges

Scvngr, the maker of a check-in app that asks users to complete activity challenges, is defying the conventional wisdom that services which broadcast one’s location to friends aren’t ready for the mainstream. Just yesterday, the app has reached 1 million users, founder and chief executive Seth Priebatsch tells VentureBeat, and added nearly 10,000 new users since then.

Survey suggests local businesses checking in to Facebook Places

Facebook Places, the feature that allows users to check in and share their location, may be winning the hearts and dollars of local businesses, according to a MerchantCircle quarterly report of more than 8,000 U.S. local businesses.

Foursquare short-cut to debut on Japanese smartphones

Foursquare, the hot New York-based location-based check-in game, has partnered with Japanese telecommunications company KDDI to give users a short-cut for downloading the mobile application on several of its Android smartphones.