Why GPS-based smart apps failed to go viral at SXSW

The South by Southwest (SXSW) conferences have given geeks a lot of social inroads over the last few years. They brought us blogging, then microblogging; they were a launchpad for Twitter and Foursquare. Thanks to those web services, meeting at SXSW IRL (In Real Life) turned the geeks hiding behind glowing screens into “friends”.

Foursquare Android Notifications

Foursquare Android app gets notifications update before iOS

Usually Apple’s iOS platform gets the freshest apps and biggest app updates before Google’s Android OS does. But location-based service Foursquare bucked that trend Tuesday with the release of an update that adds a cool new notifications panel to its Android app before its iOS counterpart.


Senators introduce mobile location privacy bill

Two US senators on Wednesday introduced legislation aimed to make companies like Apple and Google obtain consent before collecting and sharing a customer’s location data. Senators Al Franken (D-Minn.) and Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) co-sponsored the bill, which is titled the Location Privacy Protection Act of 2011.

Groupon launches instant local deals spinoff Groupon Now

Daily deals juggernaut Groupon has just launched Groupon Now, a spinoff service which looks to break its traditional deal-a-day model and offer real-time deals based simply on the user’s location.

Why is Apple recording iPhone and iPad users’ locations?

Apple’s iPhone and iPad devices have long been storing positions and timestamps in a hidden file on the user’s computer. That’s according to developers Alasdair Allan and Pete Warden, who plan to report their finding at the Where 2.0 conference today in Santa Clara, Calif.

PhoneTag app promises to keep social media meet-ups private

Smartphone app startup Ripple Mobile today debuted its PhoneTag application, which uses GPS-based technology to help mobile device users share a user’s real-time location and coordinate connections privately with their friends and contacts.

Facebook lets users check-in to events

Facebook may be looking to add its check-in feature to more than just Places today as some events appear to now have a check-in button, according to

Foursquare co-founder: How to stop worrying and love data overload

As people share ever-increasing amounts of information online, are we heading to a future of data overload? Naveen Selvadurai, co-founder of popular location-sharing app Foursquare, said there’s no stopping the data flood — but that doesn’t mean users have to drown in it.

Have the location-based patent wars begun?

Popular location-based check-in application Foursqaure was slapped with a lawsuit today for supposedly infringing on a patent from little known company Mobile Commerce Framework, as first reported by TechCrunch.

The Go Game launches do-it-yourself iPhone scavenger hunts

The Go Game, creators of location-based scavenger hunts for companies, today announced the launch of a do-it-yourself iPhone application for creating and participating in local scavenger hunts, according to a company announcement.

Foursquare 3.0 will recommend where to check in

Foursquare, the hot location-based check-in startup, today announced on its blog that it will be releasing Foursquare 3.0 later today for Android and iPhone. The new version comes with several feature updates, but probably the most notable is the much-rumored recommendation engine.

Scvngr finds 1 million users willing to complete location challenges

Scvngr, the maker of a check-in app that asks users to complete activity challenges, is defying the conventional wisdom that services which broadcast one’s location to friends aren’t ready for the mainstream. Just yesterday, the app has reached 1 million users, founder and chief executive Seth Priebatsch tells VentureBeat, and added nearly 10,000 new users since then.

Foursquare short-cut to debut on Japanese smartphones

Foursquare, the hot New York-based location-based check-in game, has partnered with Japanese telecommunications company KDDI to give users a short-cut for downloading the mobile application on several of its Android smartphones.

Update: Scvngr to come preloaded on newest Virgin Mobile smartphone

Update: After several comments from our readers and follow up with Loopt, it appears that the location-based check in application is preloaded on several smartphones, including the LG Optimus M and Huawei Ascend on MetroPCS (both Android) and also its BlackBerry Curve 8530.

Foursquare reveals new “promoted” check-in for Super Bowl Sunday

Tech companies have long glommed on to the Super Bowl to promote their services. Remember how TiVo touted the number of people who replayed Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction in 2004? Now Foursquare, the hot New York-based location service, has revealed an alluring offer you’ll want to check out — or rather, check in.

Google Latitude gives 10 million users check-in power

Google may have just made its big move in the location-based services space. According to the company’s mobile blog, it has launched Google Maps 5.1 for Android and included the ability to check in to specific locations with Latitude, its feature for sharing your location with friends.

Groupon will become the Sarah Palin of tech, and other predictions for 2011

2011 will be a year of economic recovery and continued drama in Silicon Valley, marked by the hyped battles of Apple vs. Google, Google vs. Facebook, and Oracle vs. the rest of the enterprise world. Without further ado, here is the 4th annual edition of my technology predictions.

Foursquare fights fake friends

Popular check-in application Foursquare is facing a problem that has long bedeviled social networks — spurious friend requests. And it’s dealing with violators by putting a cap on them.

Scvngr grabs $15M more to locate challenges abroad

Scvngr, the maker of a check-in app that asks users to complete activity challenges, today announced it has secured a second round of funding for $15 million, according to the company blog. Investors included Balderton Capital, with participation from previous investors Google Ventures and Highland Capital Partners.