Where will the location superstars check in this New Year’s?

Wondering how to tell your friends where you are for New Year’s? There are a host of hot location-based startups which let you check in to a venue and broadcast your whereabouts to friends. Since I write about these services regularly, I decided to ask the founders of these companies where they’d be for New Year’s. The coolest choice of place meant that service got the honor my check-in.

Foursquare launches new Android app earlier than expected

Foursquare may have just released a new iPhone application on Monday, but the company isn’t done with the upgrades just yet. Cofounder and chief executive Dennis Crowley just tweeted that the Android version of the new app is now available, complete with the new comments and photos features.

With new programming tools, Foursquare hopes more developers will check in

Location-based check-in service Foursquare just announced on its blog that is has officially released the second version of its application programming interface, or API, in beta. The first version of its API, used by third-party developers to build software that connects to Foursquare’s services, will still be functional, but will probably phase out in a few months, according to the company.

Foursquare: 5 million users, 25,000 new ones a day

Foursquare cofounder and chief executive Dennis Crowley just took the stage at Le Web, an Internet conference held in Paris, France, and noted the company now has 5 million users, is adding 25,000 new users daily, and is seeing more than 2 million check-ins a day.

Why Foursquare’s so hard to pin down

What is Foursquare? CEO and founder Dennis Crowley offered at least a half-dozen different definitions of the location-based service in an on-stage interview with AllThingsD’s Kara Swisher today.

Loopt unveils new check in features with launch of version 4.0

Loopt, an early leader in location-based services, today announced it has launched the next version of its application with several new features, including automatic check-ins, text messages, social recommendations, and rewards from businesses.

Foursquare looks for full team of West Coast engineers

If you’re an engineer on the West Coast looking to join a hot startups, here’s a good reason to prepare your resume. According to a company blog post, popular mobile check-in application Foursquare has decided to put together a full team of engineers in its new West Coast office.

Scvngr won’t be outdone, gets its own major drink distributor

Scvngr, the check-in application that asks users to complete activity challenges, just announced a strategic partnership with major drink distributor Coca Cola. The two have joined forces to give users who check-in to certain Simon Malls across United States the opportunity to earn points and rewards like gift cards and other Coke-branded merchandise.

Are you dummies ready for location services?

For all of you who are still trying to figure out how to use location-based services for your business, fear no more. We’ve gotten wind that, come June 2011, Dummies.com, the infamous how-to series from Wiley Publishing will have a new book on the market — “Location Based Marketing for Dummies”.

Google launches local business-recommendation engine Hotpot

Google today announced on its blog the release of Hotpot, a recommendation engine for local businesses based on you and your friends’ ratings. Hotpot is an addition to the company’s Google’s Places initiative, a campaign to get local business owners to claim their venues, verify information and engage with customers.

SoGeo unveils location-recommendation app Whatser

SoGeo, a service that collects and analyzes location data for users, today announced the launch of Whatser. It’s a free mobile application that suggests where to go based on places that you like and that your friends like.

New updates hint at the future of Foursquare’s website

Popular mobile check-in application Foursquare today announced on its blog that it has made a few updates to its main website. I couldn’t help but wonder if the updates are in preparation for the site to allow users to check-in from their desktops.

Have you checked-in with Facebook Places? Probably not

An inside source at Facebook is claiming that some 30 million of its users have used Facebook Places, according to Business Insider. With more than 500 million users, that number would mean that only about 6% of Facebook users have tried the newly launched feature.

Gowalla thinks money with launch of new check-in features

Popular mobile check-in application Gowalla today announced it has launched several new features — all helping the company to make money from the service. The company’s new features include City Pages, Verified Businesses and a Stamp Calendar.

Foursquare won’t be outdone, gets its own astronaut

Just a week after competitor Gowalla teamed up with NASA to give users a few new check-in badges to chase, popular mobile game Foursquare has taken the idea to the next level, announcing it too is working with the government agency.

NBA to launch Turnstile check-in app for games

The National Basketball League (NBA) may be looking to take advantage of the growing popularity of consumers checking-in to locations through its own application dubbed Turnstile, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Loopt brings users closer to Facebook friends

Loopt, an early leader in location-based services, today announced it has integrated Facebook Places into its mobile check-in application. The application is available for iPhone and iPod touch.

Placecast and O2 bring location-based ads to 1M UK residents

Location-based advertising doesn’t seem to have reached a mass audience yet, but things may be changing. San Francisco startup Placecast just announced a deal that should bring its location-based ads to 1 million new users.

Houston, we’ve got check-ins: Gowalla and NASA team up

Popular mobile check-in game Gowalla announced a partnership today with government space agency NASA. While a mobile game and a space agency might not be the most likely of pairs, the two have joined forces to offer a country-wide scavenger hunt for virtual items, including moon rocks, NASA patches, spacesuits and space shuttles.

Foursquare to reach millions with Symbian launch

Popular mobile check-in game Foursquare today announced on its blog that is has launched a Symbian version of its location-based game. Symbian is one of Nokia’s mobile operating systems for mobile devices and low-end smartphones.

New Facebook patent could threaten Foursquare and Gowalla

While Facebook Places wasn’t the first on the location-based services scene, it may have just became the top dog. According to Eric Sherman at CBS’s BNET site, the company has been granted a very broad patent, filed in 2007, called “Systems and methods for automatically locating Web-based social network members.”

Mayor Maker lets you automatically check-in and out of locations

Mayor Maker, a recently launched location-based application from Location Labs, is giving iPhone users the opportunity to automatically check-in to as well as check-out of locations using Foursquare. The application is currently available on iTunes.

Snap a wine label to find where to buy that wine

Snooth just launched an iPhone application which uses image recognition to do something genuinely useful (as least to me). If you take a picture of a wine label, Snooth finds the stores closest to you that stock that wine and the prices in each store. You can also read reviews of the wine and find similar bottles by winery, region or varietal.

Foursquare really, really wants you to create a to-do list

Foursquare just announced version 2.0 of its location check-in app for the iPhone. At first glance, it sounds pretty similar to previous versions of the app — unless other Foursquare users are a lot more excited about tips and to-dos lists than I am.