Top five exoskeletons (gallery)

Human beings have been using technology to extend their physical capabilities since the first stone tools but the bionic man is no longer just a sci-fi dream. Meet five exoskeletons which let paraplegics walk again, extend the endurance of soldiers and keep first-responders safe in a nuclear accident.

The age of flexible electronics is upon us

Flexible electronics promise some very cool products in the not so distant future. They include smart bandages that monitor the vital signs of a wounded soldier. Sensors that can detect where the weakest part of an airplane. Flexible glass that can display digital imagery. And smart trading cards that can transmit information to a digital display.

The most complex Rube Goldberg machine in the world

Purdue’s Society of Professional Engineers and the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers have created the world’s most complex Rube Goldberg machine. The 300-step machine has set a new record for the largest functioning Rube Goldberg machine, according to the Guinness Book of World Records.