apple v android

How Android and iOS became smartphone superpowers (infographic)

Today, half of U.S. mobile consumers own smartphones. But five years ago, before Apple and Google turned the smartphone world upside down and before “Angry Birds” were associated with feathery fowl dispensing poop from above, the world was a very different place.

10 disruptive individuals who are reshaping the mobile industry

The mobile industry is at an exciting stage: There are enough smartphone customers that there’s a huge field of opportunity for device makers, carriers, and app makers, but the market is still fragmented enough that no one company dominates. In this kind of frothy market, the risks are high, but the potential payoffs are huge, too.

Lookout Mobile Security finally launches iPhone security app

After two years of development, Lookout Mobile Security is launching a security app to protect iPhones. The app doesn’t protect against malware, since Apple has handled that task pretty well. But it does protect users from other bad things that can happen to their iPhones.