Verizon bets $400K on mobile loyalty card startup CardStar

Verizon is clearly eager to get into the mobile payments game. We recently reported that it was joining up with T-Mobile and AT&T for a mobile payment venture that could potentially compete with credit cards. But such a project will likely take years to come to fruition — so what can Verizon do in the meantime? One idea is to look at the other cards consumers keep in their wallets — specifically, membership cards and loyalty cards.

Elite check-in service Topguest has "don of the PayPal mafia" on board

A new company is making blips on the location-based services radar. New York-based Topguest is moving into the market with an idea to bridge location-based services with the travel industry. Working in “sneak-preview” mode — meaning it’s aching to make announcements but isn’t ready yet — the company is backed up by an experienced venture capitalist, Peter Thiel, the co-founder and ex-CEO of PayPal.