Funding daily: A busy day for startup investments

It’s been a busy day for startup funding. We’ve got a plethora of stories for you today, from mobile analytics and Google Apps security, to web programming and a website for movie fanatics. Send funding news our way to

Funding daily: Baby, you can charge my car

Welcome to our quick and dirty daily funding news column, where you can see a snapshot of the startups that received investments today. We’ve got two funding news stories for you on this warm San Francisco Monday. If you crave more details for each story, can click the links in each paragraph.

Verizon bets $400K on mobile loyalty card startup CardStar

Verizon is clearly eager to get into the mobile payments game. We recently reported that it was joining up with T-Mobile and AT&T for a mobile payment venture that could potentially compete with credit cards. But such a project will likely take years to come to fruition — so what can Verizon do in the meantime? One idea is to look at the other cards consumers keep in their wallets — specifically, membership cards and loyalty cards.

Elite check-in service Topguest has “don of the PayPal mafia” on board

A new company is making blips on the location-based services radar. New York-based Topguest is moving into the market with an idea to bridge location-based services with the travel industry. Working in “sneak-preview” mode — meaning it’s aching to make announcements but isn’t ready yet — the company is backed up by an experienced venture capitalist, Peter Thiel, the co-founder and ex-CEO of PayPal.