Sprint’s Galaxy Nexus coming April 22 for $199

Sprint still hasn’t rolled out its LTE 4G network,  but that’s not stopping the company from announcing new LTE phones. Next up for Sprint is the Galaxy Nexus, the latest flagship Google Phone, which will launch on April 22 for $200 with a two-year contract.

Happy iPad-launch eve! What you need to know before lining up

On Friday, stores around the world will be opening their doors to crowds of Apple fans, eager to be the first to swipe their frozen, grimy fingers across the glorious new iPad Retina display. The lines aren’t necessary, you can buy the devices online, but they’re an admirable feat of branding and marketing, and a display of just how hungry Apple fans are to have the latest gadget before anyone else.

The top 5 CES trends that will matter in 2012

If you couldn’t tell by the avalanche of product news hitting VentureBeat over the past few weeks, the next Consumer Electronics Show is almost upon us. The annual trade show, which has been held in Las Vegas for more than a decade, is where many of the world’s biggest electronics companies debut their new products, announce major news, and desperately try to remind us that they exist.

The game within the game: Making mobile gaming work for developers and consumers

2011 was a banner year for mobile gaming. We’re now seeing 60 percent of smartphone users regularly playing games on their devices and surveys indicate that number will only increase. That’s a remarkable achievement considering only 18 percent of gamers played on mobile devices in 2009.