U.K. LulzSec members plead guilty to DDOS attacks

Two U.K.-based youngsters believed to be a part of the LulzSec hacking group pleaded guilty to attacking the CIA website, the U.S. Air Force Agency website controlled by the Pentagon, along with a slew of others in a U.K. court today.


Anonymous plans to continue where LulzSec left off

Even though hacker group LulzSec supposedly disbanded on Saturday, its members may simply be joining the Anonymous hacking collective to give it more protection. According to tweets from Anonymous, LulzSec members haven’t gone on hiatus but did drop the LulzSec name.

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BioWare latest game company hit by hackers

BioWare, the game development studio behind triple-A titles like Mass Effect and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, said hackers were able to crack into the forums for one of its old video games and might have stolen sensitive information about the site’s users on Friday.

Nintendo’s U.S. servers get a light hack attack

Nintendo acknowledged today that hackers broke into one of the servers for its U.S. business, but the company said there was no loss of sensitive company or user data.

PBS NewsHour hackers turn eyes to Sony

LulzSec, the group of hackers that broke into PBS’ NewsHour website, has said it is attacking Sony — although the PlayStation Network (PSN), the company’s primary gaming network, will apparently not be involved.