How Uber’s wage guarantee compares to a living wage (in 1 graph)

In response to concerns of shirking driver paychecks, Uber says it will guarantee driver wages in every city where the company is also cutting costs for riders. Uber claims that cutting costs ultimately leads to better wages (12 percent better wages to be exact). But just in case some drivers get hosed by changes in prices, it wants to give drivers some peace of mind.


From P2P to B2B: The next phase of the sharing economy

In the wake of Uber and Airbnb’s rapid growth and billion dollar valuations, everyone is talking about the sharing economy. Sharing marketplaces are experiencing tremendous growth, and today anyone who can rent out a room in their home, share their car, or even leverage their free time running errands can become a micro-entrepreneur.


Uber continues growing in Germany — despite being banned

Earlier this week, Frankfurt’s district court issued a temporary nationwide ban against UberPop, the peer-to-peer offer of Uber, the private limousine order service. The next day, Uber announced it would continue its service anyway — and shared numbers showing that its downloads in Germany were increasing.