Funding Daily: Taffy

Recently, I took a trip to Pier 39 in San Francisco just to see what all the tourism-love was about. What I found was taffy.

The Lytro camera is out, but is it a revolution or gimmick?

Lytro cameras, the much-hyped photo gadget from a Silicon Valley startup, finally began shipping to customers on Wednesday, four months after the company started taking pre-orders. The cameras use something called light field technology to capture “interactive” images, on which you can change the focus after you take the picture.


Camera startup Lytro promises a "picture revolution"

Photography lovers will surely be delighted to hear the mission of the new startup Lytro. The company, which made itself known Tuesday, said it will to bring a new kind of camera to the consumer market and that its launch later this year will be “the start of a picture revolution.”