StackSocial’s answer to Humble Bundle for Mac fans

Some of you may have noticed the recent pay-what-you-want model popularized by Humble Bundle. If not, it’s as simple as it sounds; buyers can purchase a collection of products at the price of their choice. The concept went over so well with developers and consumers that StackSocial has emulated their own version with indie Mac apps.

Unclear Mountain Lion upgrade form explained, Enterprise and Education still broken

This morning Apple released it’s latest update to OS X, 10.8 Mountain Lion, along with a form for new Mac purchasers who were promised the upgraded operating system for free with their purchase. The form, which you can fill out here, is broken and is currently not allowing users to submit tickets for the free download. Update – read the update below for the fix.

WWDC 2012: Apple keynote liveblog

Apple’s annual World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) kicks off today with a keynote address from CEO Tim Cook and company. This year, Apple is expected to make announcements about  iOS 6, Mountain Lion, iCloud, and fresh Mac and MacBook hardware. (Check out our full round-up of predictions.)

Review: A Minecraft review isn’t really possible, but we’ll try anyway

How the hell do you write a review for a game that’s been out since 2009? A game that you’ve played across many changes, with additions and subtractions, a game without a box, a user manual, or, really, any sort of guiding pedagogy. I’ve personally spent at least 100 hours, probably more, playing this procedurally generated oddity of a video game across the beta and official versions, on servers, my own server, and in single player modes. And yet, I still can’t seem to get a simple handle on it, and why it keeps me coming back for more.

Is Mac's heyday as security king now over?

The commonly held, and perhaps misguided, idea that Apple’s Mac computers are impervious to viruses, malware, and spamware has been brought into question this week with reports that Apple is engaged in a game of cat-and-mouse with malware programmers, according to ZDNet.

By the numbers: Apple's staggering results

Apple released its most staggering quarterly results in history today, with all parts of the business showing dramatic growth. Here’s a look at some of the most impressive numbers just released by the company on its fiscal second quarter earnings call.

Forrester yawns at Amazon Cloud Player

The first critics were quick to arrive after Amazon launched the Cloud Player music service last night. Forrester’s analyst Mark Mulligan wrote on his blog that music locker services like Amazon’s “are not an innovation in the music product” and they “will not save music industry”.