WWDC 2012: Apple keynote liveblog

Apple’s annual World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) kicks off today with a keynote address from CEO Tim Cook and company. This year, Apple is expected to make announcements about  iOS 6, Mountain Lion, iCloud, and fresh Mac and MacBook hardware. (Check out our full round-up of predictions.)

You can hack a MacBook battery from afar. Is there a point?

A seasoned security hacker who spent seven months figuring out how to hack a laptop battery disclosed his findings today at the Black Hat security conference. Charlie Miller, who specializes in hacking Apple software, figured out how to remotely control a battery and do some damage to it such as “bricking it” – or incapacitating it – from afar.


Why Apple killed off the white MacBook

When Apple refreshed its line of MacBook Airs and Mac minis today, the company also quietly removed its $999 13-inch white MacBook from its store. Now the least expensive MacBook that Apple offers is the updated $999 11.6-inch MacBook Air.

Apple rumored to launch new Macbook Pros

Apple is reportedly planning to introduce new MacBook Pro laptops this week, based on stories leaking from retailers. The company may also use a new high-speed connection technology.

Dell dumps its Macbook Air competitor Adamo

Dell is killing off its ultraportable Adamo laptop line, which was initially meant to compete with Apple’s impossibly thin Macbook Air, according to CNet.

Apple now the No. 3 notebook PC company — if you include the iPad

The iPad is Apple’s gateway to notebook PC dominance — if you agree with Deutsche Bank’s Chris Whitmore’s reasoning that investors will begin to look at tablets as notebooks. When viewed in that light, Apple is now the No. 3 notebook PC company — trouncing Dell, Asus, Lenovo, and Toshiba — reports Fortune.