For $10,000, you can get a touchscreen that works better than an iPad’s (video)

Give Jeff Han some credit. He’s working down a cost curve. Since 2006, Han’s company Perceptive Pixel has been working on some of the finest large touchscreen displays anywhere. He says that the company’s technology, which is used in the Magic Wall touchscreens used by broadcasters on election nights, are fast and accurate at detecting finger touches.

Cool stuff: Perceptive Pixel’s 82-inch multi-touch touchscreen display

Jeff Han, the CEO of Perceptive Pixel, is one of the pioneers of touchscreen displays, having gone public with his touchscreen display technology a year before Apple launched the iPhone in 2007. Now his company has unveiled an 82-inch multitouch touchscreen display that can recognize both finger touches and a stylus. With it, you can put your hand on the display and write on it with the other hand with a stylus, as if you were writing on a piece of paper.