Lookout releases app that shows mobile threats as they happen

The app, called Mobile Threat Tracker, opens up to a view of the earth, shadowed like nighttime. A glow across the globe suggests Lookout Mobile users. It shows attacks in real time as Lookout Mobile’s security application detects and deflects them. This is then translated into what seems like a shooting star. You can travel around the globe by swiping your finger side to side to see attacks in progress. You can also look at analysis for the week on the top three threats and see what kind of threats those were. For instance, this week mobile users saw 60 percent more malware attacks than spyware attacks, including the attacks RuPaidMarket, Legacy, and DepositMobi.

Is Mac's heyday as security king now over?

The commonly held, and perhaps misguided, idea that Apple’s Mac computers are impervious to viruses, malware, and spamware has been brought into question this week with reports that Apple is engaged in a game of cat-and-mouse with malware programmers, according to ZDNet.