Vulnerability as a leadership skill

Being vulnerable is often thought of as being a disadvantage in the business world, but Ori Brafman, author of “Click: The Magic of Instant Connections,” says it can actually be one of the best way to engender trust with employees in this Entrepreneur Thought Leader Lecture, given at Stanford University. Instead of giving power away, it creates a binding, deep relationship within the workplace, one that also gives managers a “soft power” that they can use to keep the company running.

Should you run your business like a game?

Every year, some company with network-monitoring software to sell comes out with a handwringing report detailing how much time employees waste on the latest online addiction. Back in the ’90s, it was called “surfing the Web.” (The horror!) In 2006, it was YouTube. In 2007, it was Facebook. And lately it’s FarmVille and other social games.