America, it’s time to start making things again

After years of going overseas, American companies are starting to make things in the U.S. again. At the same time, many citizens are getting their hands dirty with DIY projects. This could be the start of something beautiful.

Should you consider ‘reshoring’ despite the cost?

The business world has been lamenting over the past few years that the US has shifted from being a country that makes things to a country that largely makes its things somewhere else.


Apple’s finite loop

Why I think Apple’s infinite loop is turning gradually finite.

Five innovations that will define tech in 2013

Tablets, the quantified self movement, big data, new user interface paradigms, and the return of manufacturing jobs to the U.S. will help shape the coming year.

Tesla now building 10 Model S cars per week

On Thursday, Tesla Motors said that since June 22, when it started deliveries of its 2012 Model S, it has built 50 cars. Of those, 29 are destined for customer deliveries.

Why it’s China’s turn to worry about manufacturing

America has been extremely worried about the loss of manufacturing to China. Seduced by subsidies, cheap labor, lax regulations, and a rigged currency, American industry has made a beeline to China.