Valve: first Portal 2 downloadable content will be free

Valve is bucking one of the largest trends in the video gaming industry — releasing additional content for games and charging extra for it — by releasing the next phase of content for its blockbuster hit Portal 2 for free for all gamers.

Halo Reach Defiant Map Pack keep fans busy for hundreds of millions of hours

Every now and then, Halo game fans grouse that they have to pay $10 to get three additional maps with every new multiplayer map pack that Bungie comes out for the Halo: Reach game for Microsoft’s Xbox 360 video game console. Then they go and spend a million hours playing it nonstop until they can pretty much memorize every detail of the map and eviscerate rivals with ease.

Call of Duty map pack sales surpass 20M units

The day has come when sales of map packs — or downloadable add-on products for multiplayer online games — for a game are an even bigger blockbuster than most games themselves.