With three new games, Zynga is fighting to matter in mobile

For the past couple of years, Zynga’s problem was clear. The social gaming giant dominated the charts on Facebook, but not on mobile. And as mobile gaming takes off around the world, Zynga has to break into the top 20 ranks with new hits. If it doesn’t, someone else will claim the bulk of the industry’s profits — as we’ve seen with the ascendent publisher Supercell and its Hay Day social game.

Crunchies: Zynga's Mark Pincus sees a future for socially-conscious virtual goods

Although best-known for sucking in about 70 million people to become online farmers and crop-growers in its Farmville game, Zynga has also started using virtual goods to raise money for different social causes. The company launched a “Sweet Seeds” initiative last fall, in which users can purchase special sweet potato seeds and send 50 percent of the proceeds to two non-profit organizations in Haiti. The program ended up raising more than $1 million for children in the country.