Why Facebook may fall to $15: Consider the restricted stock

A lot of investors are hoping for a recovery in Facebook’s stock. But before you dive back into the stock, consider that it might be poised to fall lower, possibly to $15. Here’s an analysis of why. One interesting thing to consider is the impact of the restricted stock the company is issuing to its employees. …

Why you need to hire A-Players

What’s one exceptional employee worth? A lot — just ask Zuck

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg famously commented that a great engineer is worth a 100 average engineers (something every developer knows deep in their heart). He was talking about A-players, and in my opinion the worst thing any startup can do is accept less than the best and brightest.

VBWeekly gets a visit from the undead, which is appropriate since we’re talking Facebook

This week’s VBWeekly got a little goofy, while our anchor Jolie O’Dell was traveling to the East Coast. We hit on some serious stories, including more on the Facebook drama unfolding post IPO, and a sexual harassment lawsuit that hit venture firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers. But that was all interrupted when some undead buddies showed up to chat with GamesBeat Editor in Chief Dan “Shoe” Hsu.