Print your own tableware with Shapeways

Tired of trekking to Ikea for funky tableware? Can’t find a mug that matches your iPhone? Consumer 3D printing shop Shapeways just took personalized manufacturing to a new level by being the first in the world to add glazed ceramic to its roster of materials. This means you can now design and print your own food-safe tableware like salt and pepper shakers, plates and mugs.

3D printing: The state of the art

We have all spent a wasted day shopping, or worse, regretting our purchases. You often can’t find a pair of jeans that fit perfectly or a lamp that matches the fuchsia stripes on your wall. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get exactly the product you want?

VCs get onboard with design-it-yourself offerings

Companies that let customers design their own products are becoming the next big thing. Just three months ago, I wrote that this trend of “customer co-creation” was one to watch. But it may prove even hotter than I thought. Since publishing the story, I’ve seen quite a bit of new funding activity in the space.