Big Data 2.0: the next generation of Big Data

The big data ecosystem has now reached a tipping point: We are entering what I would call the next generation of big data — big data 2.0 — where the focus is on three key areas:


PRISM 2.0: From 9 to ‘thousands’ of technology and finance companies

When Edward Snowden leaked the news about PRISM, we thought it was just 9 U.S. companies that were sharing customers’ data with the National Security Agency (NSA). Now it looks like literally thousands of technology, finance, and manufacturing firms are working with the NSA, CIA, FBI, and branches of the U.S. military.

Former McAfee CEO Dave DeWalt takes reins at FireEye

Dave DeWalt — known for his big personality, top-secret government clearance, and work as former chief executive at McAfee — is taking over as chief executive for security company FireEye today. He hopes to lead the company to an IPO quickly.

How to avoid shopping fraud on Cyber Monday

There once was a time when the biggest shopping scams were overpriced department stores and fake purses. But now shoppers should be on alert for Cyber Monday, the Internet’s answer to Black Friday, which creates a whole knew arena for ripping you off.

Need a secure password? A bishop says to page through the Bible

If you think people of the cloth are out of touch with modern technology, think again. A bishop of the Church of England just gave his congregation some security advice; if you want a hard-to-crack password that you’ll remember, pick a passage in the Bible. A security expert thinks the Church leader might be on to something.

Photos show the cultural difference between Black Hat and Defcon hacker events

Thousands of security professionals, hackers, federal agents and media descended on Las Vegas this week to attend the Black Hat and Defcon conferences. The two conferences exhibit the extremes of hacker and security culture, with federal agents and major corporations descending on Black Hat in large numbers and mohawk-styled hackers and Electronic Frontier Foundation lawyers attending Defcon. It’s like the difference between law enforcement and pranksterism, where both have the object of protecting freedom.

Black Hat’s spotlight falls on McAfee’s Dmitri Alperovitch for uncovering cyber spying

As soon as Dmitri Alperovitch walked into a hotel suite at McAfee’s reception at the Black Hat security conference, he was surrounded by reporters from the New York Times, Reuters, and other publications. It was the logical end to a long day that began with a blog post by Alperovitch about Operation Shady RAT, a cyber-spying campaign that Alperovitch said was the “biggest transfer of wealth in terms of intellectual property in human history.”