ClearCount gets $5M to make surgeries safer for patients

ClearCount Medical Solutions, a company that uses RFID chips to count and track surgical sponges, has raised $5 million in a second round of funding. Based in Pittsburgh, Penn., the company’s technology is used to prevent surgeons from leaving sponges in patients during surgical procedures. According to ClearCount, sponges are left behind in one out of every 1,000 to 1,500 intra-abdominal surgeries, and such incidents can lead to infections.

SI-BONE raises $10.6M to minimize low back pain

SI-BONE, a company that diagnoses and treats lower back pain, has raised $10.6 million in equity funding. New investor Skyline Ventures led the round. Using its iFuse Implant System, the San Jose-based company fuses the sacroiliac joint (SI joint), a joint in the lower pelvis, through a minimally invasive procedure. The company estimates that 15-25% of all low back pain originates from the SI joint.