Secretive Oraya raises more funds for eye devices

Oraya, a secretive Menlo Park, Calif., medical-device startup, has struck again. The company raised $18 million in what is presumably a second funding round, VentureWire reports (subscription required). Investors included Synergy Life Science Partners (see yesterday’s coverage of this newish VC firm here) and Essex Woodlands Health Ventures. We covered Oraya’s first round of funding last June.

Pelikan Tech to push "finger friendly" diabetes testing

One of the constant but unavoidable challenges in trying to control diabetes is the frequent need to test blood-sugar levels by sticking a needle into a fingertip — a step that tells diabetics when they need a snack (to raise blood glucose) or a shot of insulin (to lower it). “Lancing” fingers several times a day can render the tips so tender that it restricts ordinary activity — playing the piano, for instance — for some diabetics. While that may sound like a minor inconvenience compared to the awful side effects that uncontrolled diabetes can cause, such as gangrene and blindness, it’s often enough to keep some diabetics from testing their blood as frequently as they should.