How Nokia realized the Meego emperor had no clothes

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop’s bold plan to transform the company from a bumbling has-been to the premiere Windows Phone partner has always seemed like something out a Hollywood thriller — at least, to a gadget geek like me. Businessweek’s latest cover story, which details Elop’s struggle to revamp Nokia, is perhaps the most dramatic telling of that story so far.

MeeGo head says LG in its corner for phones (LG: not really)

With Nokia moving to Windows Phone 7 and not looking back, there doesn’t seem to be much hope left for Intel’s MeeGo mobile platform — especially because there still aren’t any phones that use it.

Can China’s Tencent breath life into Intel’s MeeGo mobile platform?

Intel and China’s mega-popular internet portal service Tencent announced today that they are launching a joint Innovation Center for MeeGo (the open-source mobile operating system pushed by Nokia and Intel that Nokia has since abandoned for Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7) in Shanghai. The announcement came at the IDF Beijing 2011 conference and was almost overlooked among the numerous other announcements coming out of the event. But it’s actually a very interesting maneuver.

Another Symbian blow: Nokia sells off business side of Qt development framework

If you need more proof that Nokia is looking to rid itself of the Symbian mobile operating system, here it is: The company announced today that it will sell parts of its Qt development framework, which was initially billed as a way to easily create apps for Symbian and other platforms, to Digia, a Finnish software company. Digia buys the software licensing and professional service business from Nokia. Nokia will still be in charge of developing the framework.

Nokia and Microsoft: Can two weaklings make a muscleman?

Nokia and Microsoft are now allies. This is not a total surprise as Nokia has partnered with Microsoft in the past, albeit in a much more limited fashion (e.g., connection to Office and SharePoint).

Nokia jumps to Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop announced a long-rumored partnership with Microsoft this morning that would make Windows Phone 7 Nokia’s primary mobile platform.

Nokia scraps its first MeeGo phone

Nokia has canceled its first MeeGo phone before it even had a chance to launch, according to a report by Reuters, citing two industry sources.

Another Nokia setback: X7 smartphone for AT&T canceled

Things aren’t getting easier for Nokia in America. The company has canceled the launch of its X7 smartphone, which was supposed to be available on AT&T exclusively this year, according to the Wall Street Journal.

We’ll say it again: Nokia’s keen on Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7

Now this sounds familiar. For the past month, Nokia has apparently been in discussions with Microsoft about putting its new Windows Phone 7 software on Nokia hardware, according to an editorial by Eldar Murtazin of the Russian site Mobile-Review.

Nokia loses chief of new mobile platform, MeeGo

Nokia’s executives keep dropping like flies. Ari Jaaksi (pictured right), the head of Nokia’s next-generation MeeGo mobile platform, confirmed that he resigned last week. He made the comments in a conversation with the Finnish newspaper Talous Sanomat.

Nokia focusing on software, not just hardware, to win back U.S. customers

(Update: We’ve received a clarification from a Nokia spokesperson regarding Ojanperä’s comments about Ovi developers. More than 70 Ovi developers have seen more than 1 million downloads, rather than $1 million in revenue, with a handful of them seeing 10 million downloads.)

Nokia to acquire mobile analytics firm Motally

Nokia announced today that it will acquire mobile analytics firm Motally for an undisclosed sum. The deal is expected to close in the third quarter of 2010.

SAP invests $10M in DeviceVM’s browser-and-cloud OS

Enterprise software supergiant SAP has poured ten million dollars of investment from its SAP Ventures arm into DeviceVM, whose Linux-based Splashtop quick-boot operating system is pre-installed on many of the top brands of notebook and netbook computers.