Can this app cure depression?

It may be time to sack your therapist. The researchers conducting the world’s first clinical study on the use of smartphone apps to treat depression have given VentureBeat a preview of the results. 73.5 percent of depressed participants who used an application called Viary, were no longer considered to be depressed by the end of the study.

Can your smartphone save your life?

Every meal you eat is analysed by a nutritionist. Your workouts are monitored and progress tracked. When driving, an app checks you for alertness and let’s you know if you need to stop and take a rest.

Wireless pill cap makers Vitality bought by pharma billionaire

Vitality, which developed a wireless, Internet-connected pill bottle cap to remind patients to take their medication, has been acquired by Patrick Soon-Shiong M.D.  Soon-Shiong recently sold his second multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical company in three years and was already an investor in Vitality.