Blackstone just backed out of its proposed Dell buyout

For some time now, Dell founder and CEO Michael Dell (pictured above) has sought to take his company private in a huge $24.4 billion deal. But Blackstone and investor Carl Icahn opposed the deal, saying it undervalued the company, and were preparing to counter it.

Michael Dell says confusion at HP has given Dell its opportunity

Michael Dell, founder and chief executive of Dell, said that the recent uncertainty at Hewlett-Packard has been good for Dell in landing new customers. HP is the world’s No. 1 PC maker, but its place in the market became uncertain when the previous CEO, Leo Apotheker, announced he would study whether to spin off the PC division. Since enterprise customers hate uncertainty, Dell said his list of new customers has been growing.

HP faces ridicule in social media for abandoning tablets and PCs

Hewlett-Packard’s announcement today that it will shut its WebOS operations and spin off its PC business is drawing some ridicule on Twitter. Among the witty cracks is a comment from Michael Dell, the chief executive of Dell, who wrote, “If HP spins off their PC business, maybe they will call it Compaq?”