Mario who? Why Nintendo needs to create new characters

Kids today don’t associate Nintendo with gaming — they’re more likely to know the Angry Birds than Mario or Link. Nintendo needs to follow the examples of the WWE and Disney to remain relevant to other generations.

Angry Birds Rio hits 10 million downloads in 10 days

Game maker Rovio announced that its Angry Birds Rio game hit 10 million downloads on mobile phones in just 10 days. That’s a new record for the company, whose Angry Birds mobile game has catapulted past 100 million downloads in the past 16 months.

Could Mickey Mouse be the next video game star?

Warren Spector describes himself as one of Mickey Mouse’s biggest fans. He has a lot of company, too, and therein lies the potential for Spector’s new video game, Disney Epic Mickey. Launching today, the game is an ambitious title for the Nintendo Wii that has been almost five years in the making. The goal is to make Mickey Mouse as big a star in video games as he is in other media.