Facebook potential

6 multibillion dollar businesses Facebook would do really well at

With Facebook’s IPO less than 24 hours away, I remain very bullish about the company. (Disclosure: I have entered my indication of interest with my broker for an IPO allocation. I expect that, like most people who ask for shares, I will get none.)

Dailymotion screenshot

Dailymotion adds Flattr’s crowdfunding button to original videos

Creators wishing to distribute their video content online for consumption by the masses have plenty of services to choose from, but the same isn’t always true for getting compensated for the work. Fortunately, web video site Dailymotion thinks its found a winning solution through a new partnership announced today with crowd-funded micropayments service Flattr.

PayPal says its micropayment system isn’t a threat to Facebook’s Credits

Paypal announced earlier this week that it had partnered with Facebook and other websites to launch a new micropayment service for virtual goods. At the time of the announcement, it was unclear how the new offering would effect existing virtual goods payment systems such as Facebook Credits. Now PayPal’s vice president of global product strategy, Sam Shrauger, says the new micropayment offering won’t cause any significant changes to those existing systems; it will just provide an additional payment method.