Person Wrapped Up in Red Tape of Bureaucracy Rules of Order

‘This space reserved for general solicitation’

Did you know that in about three weeks, startups are going to be able to advertise that they are raising capital in newspapers, magazines, blogs, billboards, and even on Facebook and Twitter?

Funding Daily: Into the darkness

What do Star Trek and startups have in common? Enterprise and Data play a role in both and nerds everywhere get excited about any news surrounding these topics. Here is today’s round up of funding news. Nerds.

VB post picture puzzle

Startup investing through crowdfunding—legally and professionally

Does traditional Crowdfunding make you feel like just another investor in the crowd? If you’re new to investing in tech startups or an experienced angel investor, don’t let the lack of client service, due diligence and deal flow hold you back.


Angel Investing evolves through Crowdfunding at Microventures

Way back in 2011 if you wanted to invest in startups you needed to have about $250,000 in capital to spread out between several investments which made investing in Tech startups an exclusive club for the rich. Not only did you need the capital but you also needed to know the right people…

Who is protecting the investors in the new crowdfunding bills?

Crowdfunding has gained a lot of press over the last few months with the passing of the crowdfunding bills in the House in November and then again a few weeks ago. The bills have generated numerous opinions about how this will spur economic growth by unlocking capital from investors who have never had the opportunity to invest in startups and making it easier for startups to raise capital.