5 lessons marketers can learn from the 2012 presidential campaign

If there is one thing that we’ve seen as a constant throughout the 2012 presidential campaign it is that social media has been the go-to-tool for engaging younger audiences and getting them to influence their friends.

Obama and Romney dish on policies for startup growth

A simple letter sent by the New York Tech Meetup to President Barack Obama and Republican nominee Mitt Romney got the candidates to discuss their policies around startups and the technology community at large.

How to watch the presidential debates online

Unlike the last election cycle, the 2012 presidential debates will be available online. You might want to turn off your TV to watch these ones — or at the very least, keep your smartphone or tablet handy.

Obama and Romney in online markets

Polls show a bounce – but the smart money has always been on Obama

Post-convention polls show a bounce for President Obama in the upcoming election, after a period of neck-and-neck jockeying that stretches back to June. But traditional polls, largely run by large news organizations, may be just waking up to a reality that online indicators have shown for a long time.

Hacker holds alleged Romney tax returns ransom for $1M in Bitcoins

Ready for the most outlandish story of your morning? Here we go. Today, a hacker allegedly stole Mitt Romney’s tax returns, is demanding $1 million in Bitcoins for silence, and sent a USB drive and letter to the GOP and Democratic party offices in Williamson County, Tennessee as proof.


The 11 best election apps to keep you in the know

With the Republican National Convention starting today in Tampa, the 2012 election enters its most intense phase. Thanks to our smartphones and social networks, there have never been more ways to get information on the candidates and events of the season.

Obama Facebook Page

Obama wins in race for digital attention

The Obama campaign is employing a digital strategy like no other, betting more aggressively on Facebook, display ads, and paid search than Republican candidates seeking the nomination, according to new data from analytics firm comScore.