The PlayStation 4 is copying tablets, and I like it

Sony may be grasping the importance of mobile and social integration with its upcoming console, but it’s too little, too late for plastic living room boxes. Smartphones and tablets aren’t just the future; they are the now.

Neil Young’s path to the multibillion-dollar mobile social game market (interview)

Neil Young sold his San Francisco startup Ngmoco to Japan’s DeNA for $403 million in the fall of 2010. And that was just the beginning of Young and DeNA’s quest to create a multibillion-dollar mobile entertainment group, he told VentureBeat last year. DeNA, with $1.4 billion in revenues in the last year, has already cleared many hurdles on that path. Ngmoco has integrated its NG Core technology with DeNA’s Mobage social mobile gaming network to create a new platform for smartphone entertainment.

Ngmoco’s Neil Young foresees multibillion-dollar mobile game companies

Neil Young is the chief executive of Ngmoco, the mobile game publisher that was acquired by Japan’s DeNA for up to $403 million last fall. But Young says that wasn’t just the end point for his company and its success as a publisher of iPhone games. Rather, Young and his parent company are on a quest to create a multibillion-dollar mobile entertainment company. The centerpiece of that is Mobage and NG Core, two technologies that will be combined into a worldwide mobile social network.