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Here's how middle schoolers will impact business in the future

Mobile app development has made a dramatic shift in a very short period of time. Only a few years ago, developers were building apps for the most portable device of that time: a laptop. Today, of the 19 million software developers worldwide, 8.7 million are now writing apps targeted for mobile devices.

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Palantir buys mobile-development startup Propeller

Palantir, a big data company that has worked with U.S. Army and other government customers, just bought itself a mobile-development startup called Propeller. That’s the second Palantir acquisition this week — and easily the more interesting one.

Funding daily: Get off your butt and lose some weight

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Kony grabs funding to build mobile business apps

No — not that Kony. Enterprise-minded company Kony builds mobile apps for business and consumers and encourages the bring-your-own-device movement with an enterprise app store. Wednesday it announced a $15 million third round of funding.