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7 alternatives to TestFlight

Maybe Apple will improve TestFlight, bring it back to Android (doubt it), or drop it altogether. Only time will tell. Since we can’t predict the future, consider making one of these your favorite app beta tool.

iOS 7

The new iOS 7 features you haven't heard about

We used to commission the world’s best artists to paint our chapels and ceremonial halls, we now commission the world’s best digital artists to create software.

The 5 hottest areas for mobile development tools

The race is on to find the next generation of tools and development processes that will make multi-platform mobile development as productive as desktop and web development have been for so long.

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Don’t fall into these 4 mobile traps

My own company has had the pleasure of analyzing thousands of mobile usability studies, and we’ve identified four traps that companies fall victim to when transitioning their websites and apps to mobile.

Heroku mobile lead: ‘Mobile is not different’

“‘Mobile’ is just another way of saying ‘how apps should work,’ whether they are on my laptop, my tablet, my phone—or for that matter, on my thermostat, my car dashboard, or my refrigerator.