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How all app publishers can benefit from the mobile gaming industry’s best practices

Free-to-play has revolutionized the monetization model in gaming by charging players based on their willingness to pay, instead of displaying one set price for all. Indeed, through a dynamic pricing scheme for in-app purchase items, free-to-play has enabled game publishers to monetize the whole of the price/demand curve.

What’s next for BYOD?

Many companies have begun to embrace the concept of BYOD. But there’s still a lot of work to be done.

4 secrets for monetizing mobile apps across platforms

While mobile applications are one of today’s fastest growing digital sectors, many developers are continuing to struggle with finding monetary successes for their work. Here’s a few secrets on how to fix that.

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Don’t fall into these 4 mobile traps

My own company has had the pleasure of analyzing thousands of mobile usability studies, and we’ve identified four traps that companies fall victim to when transitioning their websites and apps to mobile.

The ‘Smart apps’ explosion is happening right now

You might think your smartphone is pretty smart, but many smartphone apps are still pretty dumb, lacking contextual knowledge about you, your preferences, and your environment. That’s about to change.