Placed brings its location analytics to iOS apps

You probably know how long consumers are using your mobile app, and what they’re doing within them — but where are they actually located? That’s the question that location analytics company Placed hopes to answer with its product, Placed for Developers.

Poshmark CEO: Great mobile design is simplicity

Manish Chandra understands how to design immersive mobile apps. His latest mobile startup, Poshmark, launched in December, and its primarily female user-base is already doubling every month — so much so that it’s creating “Poshmark widows.”


Round three of our MobileBeat 2012 speakers

We’re a few weeks away from MobileBeat 2012, VentureBeat’s annual mobile conference, where we’ve lined up some of the biggest names in the industry to delve into the event’s core theme: “Design is the new battleground.”


Solving the pain points of mobile developers

Let’s start with the following facts, gleaned from Mary Meeker’s 2012 Annual Internet Trends report and the Cisco Visual Networking Index report…

Responsive design

The case for responsive design

Peter Yared, CTO of CBS Interactive, stirred up a bit of controversy recently when he wrote that adaptive design techniques make it difficult for publishers to monetize content.


Your customer is the center of the design universe

Truly iconic and lasting design is made up of both physical and emotional design elements – not just the tangible object and all of its standard characteristics like shape, size and feel, but the “je ne sais quoi” that demands your attention…

Has adaptive design failed? Of course not

Yesterday morning I read Peter Yared’s provocative article, ‘What’s next for mobile now that adaptive design has failed?’ which is based entirely on the misassumption that mobile users don’t scroll. If that were true, the reasoning might be valid, but it’s not. It’s utter nonsense.