5 Node projects you should know about

Node.js is the cool kid on the coding block these days, and developers have big plans for the server-side programming language. Here are a couple of the cool back-end programs that developers have been cooking both using Node and for Node developers.


New Relic’s big data play: Code name Rubicon

As one of the fastest-growing companies in the burgeoning realm of application performance management (APM), New Relic sees its fair share of traffic and data.

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What ‘going mobile’ means for your company

The move to mobile brings about a whole new set of issues when it comes to monitoring application performance and integrating the data into their development practices.

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The dream of the universal dashboard

Recent developments in cloud technologies have made this increasingly possible — it’s logistics, not technology, that’s holding it back.


Troubleshooting the new stack

Software was once in a single language, running on a single machine, and pulling data from a single database. But the new stack can be a collect of cloud-based solutions.