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Future of top U.S. Bitcoin exchange in doubt as $250K in virtual currency stolen

The future of the top U.S. Bitcoin echange is in doubt after $250,000 in virtual currency was stolen last night.
As CNet reports, an unidentified hacker found and absconded with an unencrypted backup of virtual wallet keys, taking 24,000 bitcoins, each worth just over ten U.S. dollars. It’s the virtual equivalent of leaving your wallet on the cafe table as you go to use the restroom.


Thief steals $500K worth of Bitcoin

A compromised Windows computer is to blame for the theft of 25,000 Bitcoins, which is the equivalent of just under half a million American dollars at current market value, according to a posting on a popular Bitcoin forum Monday.

BillGuard alerts users about questionable credit card charges

New startup BillGuard is betting there’s a market for people who would like an extra set of eyes monitoring their credit card statements for scams, billing errors, unauthorized charges and anything else that seems odd.