Lift is unlocking human potential

Lift’s method for unlocking human potential is so simple, it’s obvious

What’s the key to unlocking human potential? Tony Stubblebine, a first-hand witness to the coming-of-age moments of some of today’s most successful entrepreneurs, has always sought an answer to that very question. Now Stubblebine seeks to answer that question for everyone, through Lift, his one-year-old, four-person startup centered around goal-tracking.

Shape Up The Nation lands $5M to make exercise more social

Shape Up The Nation, a social network used to help motivate people to live healthier, today announced it has secured a first round of funding for $5 million. Cue Ball Capital and Excel Venture Management both led the funding.

Does money motivate workers?

Financial bonuses may not be as effective as you think when it comes to convincing your team to work harder. Dan Pink, the author of “The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us,” makes the case for this seemingly counter-intuitive argument in this 11-minute lecture, which uses the RSA Animate format to illustrate his point. While jobs that require mechanical skills respond to the more money carrot, it fails with tasks that require cognitive skills. Autonomy and purpose are actually much better motivators, he says.