Why 2012 was Firefox’s year

The past 12 months have been a coming-to-fruition of a few key endeavors the Mozilla Foundation has been putting its heart and soul into for years.

HTML5 is a fat man’s bag of surprises

A recent VentureBeat post outlined a series of reason why HTML5 failed to deliver in 2012. But here are five reasons to look forward to HTML5 in the new year.

firefox 8

Mozilla Firefox Add-ons hit 3 billion downloads

Look at your Firefox browser on your laptop or phone. It’s likely been tweaked-out with the perfect pallete of colors and acts just the way you want. Since those add-ons became available in 2004,  more than 3 billion have been downloaded — more than the entire Internet user base and nearly half of the world’s population –Mozilla announced Thursday.


Say it ain’t so, Microsoft: secret APIs in new mobile Windows?

You’d think we’d be finished with all the nasty antitrust legal issues surrounding computer operating systems by now. Windows is still powerful, but it’s a shadow of its former monopolistic self, and Mac OS X, iOS, Android, and Linux are all viable, strong, healthy competitors in various niches of the computing ecosystem.


Silicon Valley’s war for the mobile web

If you work at a major Silicon Valley tech company and that company isn’t Apple, you’ve got skin in the mobile web game. But advocating for and working on the mobile web is becoming increasingly politicized and divisive.