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Zillow, Pandora only fresh IPOs to outlast market slip

Continued uncertainty about financial stability in Europe and a government deadlock in the United States struck publicly-traded equities on Thursday, sending the tech-heavy NASDAQ index down 3.3 percent and below a technical level of support that might indicate future weakness.


Top 5 on-demand streaming music services feat. Spotify, MOG and Rdio

There’s a digital music revolution afoot. For the price of a single iTunes album, you can stream a month’s worth of songs from millions of choices while at home or on the go. But there’s so much movement and so much competition that it’s hard to keep track of all the companies worthy of your hard-earned cash.

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Show's over: Pandora skids in second day of trading

Share prices of online radio service Pandora skidded in its second day of public trading on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), falling nearly 25 percent from its closing price on Wednesday. Shares are now trading at a price below the company’s initial public offering price of $16.

Sweden’s Spotify hits one million paid music subscribers

Spotify, the much-hyped music streaming company from Sweden, announced today that it has reached one million paying subscribers. Unlike most other music startups, which seek to cover the high cost of licensing music from record labels through advertising revenues, Spotify has been insistent about sticking to its freemium model, in which it gives away some services in the hopes of convincing some users to pay for more.